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Helping Provide Mobile Freedom to All of Canada

Scooter Country Canada is a company who deeply understands the importance of having mobile freedom and what is taken away from someone when they do not have that right. Due to this, we are here to provide our valued customers with over 40 different models of scooters to fit their every need from the mirrors on their vehicle to the tires they’re riding on. We value our customer being comfortable and satisfied with their purchase as much as we love giving them their mobility back. Scooter Country is your direct source for great scooters at affordable prices! You can choose from our selection of 3-Wheel or 4-Wheel scooters, from trusted brands, such as Drive, Pride, Shoprider and Invacare. Your order is shipped directly from our warehouse in Southern Ontario and we offer FREE shipping all throughout Canada. When it comes to Scooter Country, all our products include FREE SHIPPING and are TAX-FREE. As a factory-authorized dealer, all our products come with a full manufacturer warranty.

From the experienced users to the new, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about your device. If this is your first time looking into a scooter, feel free to browse around or give us a shout! We have a personal message line everyone is free to use, or a toll-free number available to call anytime during the business day! We want our customers to have us at the power of their fingertips to ensure they feel comfortable with us as their mobility provider.

We are committed to improving people’s lives by providing innovative, high-quality mobility products and services that exceed customer expectations. We are equally committed to respect the environment and to comply with all regulatory obligations. Technology, teamwork, and continuous improvement through customer-focused people and processes are the foundation for meeting these commitments.


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    SAVE 25%

    Ideal use:
    Indoor & moderate outdoor driving - Can be transported in vehicles (heaviest piece 34 lbs)

    SAVE 23%

    Good city driver – Can be disassembled & transported in vehicles (heaviest piece 57lbs)  

    SAVE 34%

    Ideal use:
    Good outdoor driver - Faster, stronger and longer

    SAVE 41%

    Ideal use:
    Great city driver – Able to be disassembled & transported in vehicles (heaviest piece 64.5 lbs)

    SAVE 14%

    Ideal use:
    Mainly indoor driving - Very easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 39 lbs)

    SAVE 30%

    14 agmIdeal use:
    Indoor driving & light outdoor driving – easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 29 lbs)

    SAVE 23%

    The Sutton model is a large and luxurious model that combines smooth softness and edge performance. It’s the image of luxury and modernity.

    Ideal use:
    Good outdoor driver

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