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Best Budget Friendly Portable Scooter

Do you want a more active lifestyle? Then a portable mobility scooter is for you. Portable scooters are easier to travel with and disassemble much easier than other mobility scooters. They offer everything you need in a scooter for those on the go.

Scooters can get expensive and finding a scooter that does all can feel almost impossible. When in the market for the best mobility scooter on a tight budget, Scooter Country Canada is the go-to option for an excellent deal! Scooter Country understands the need to find affordable mobility scooters that deliver great performance and durability.

Colibri 18aH Affordable Mobility Scooter

$1650.00 (CAD)

Ideal use:
Mainly indoor driving – Very easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 29 lbs)

Alternative Scooters

Out of stock
$1710.00$1980.00 (CAD)

You Save up to 13.6% or $270.00

Ideal use:
Mainly indoor driving – Very easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 34 lbs)

Alternative Scooters

*Upgrade to 18AH Batteries Extra $200

This budget friendly Colibri 18aH scooter is the upgraded battery version compared to the Colibri 12aH. It is a great portable scooter as it can be used inside in the home or outside for a quick trip to the grocery store! The 18aH version has a 3-inch ground clearance under the deck and 8-inch back tire, compared to the 12ah version with 1.5 inches under deck and 7-inch rear tires. 

Go-Go Ultra X® Affordable Mobility Scooter

MSRP: $1499.00
$1299.00 (CAD)

You Save 13.3% or $200.00

Ideal use:
Indoor driving & light outdoor driving – easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 29 lbs)

Out of stock
MSRP: $1549.00
$1399.00 (CAD)

You Save 9.7% or $150.00

**Unfortunately The Go-Go Ultra X Has Been Discontinued  

Ideal use:
Indoor & moderate outdoor driving - Can be transported in vehicles (heaviest piece 34 lbs)

The Go-Go Ultra X Scooter is the best among affordable mobility scooters when you need that extra push to keep up with your active lifestyle. The 3-inch ground clearance, and 8-inch back wheels with non-scuff back tires offer a smoother ride and more space under the deck of the scooter for outdoor terrain. It disassembles into 5 pieces for easy transport in vehicles and you can charge the battery on-board and off-board so you can leave the scooter in the car and go inside to charge the battery!

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