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5 Alternatives to the Invacare Pegasus Pro

Invacare Pegasus Pro Scooter

In 2022, popular scooter manufacturer Invacare effectively stopped the production of their mobility scooters. This included their most popular models, the Colibri, Leo, Comet, and of course, the Pegasus Pro. This came as a shock for most companies and consumers that enjoyed their mobility scooters throughout the year. This is exactly why we wanted to […]

Top 7 Scooters That Carry Over 400 Pounds

Choosing a mobility scooter that meets your needs is challenging. This especially reigns true when you require a scooter that can comfortably carry over 400 pounds. This weight capacity is typically referred to as “heavy-duty”, but it essentially means a high weight capacity. Here is our list of the top 7 mobility scooters that can […]