MSRP: $3,099.00
$2,599.00 (CAD)

8 km/h

Top Speed

36 kms

Drive Range

184 lbs.

Total Weight

350 lbs.

The Leo scooter is the ideal indoor/outdoor scooter due to its compact size and long range capacity.

$3,906.99$4,076.50 (CAD)

Featured in Top 10 Fastest Scooters

13.7 km/h

Top Speed

35.6 kms

Drive Range

254 lbs.

Total Weight

400 lbs.

Engineered for powerful performance and exceptional style.

$3,750.99 (CAD)

Featured in Top 10 Fastest Mobility Scooters in Canada Featured in Top 5 Fastest Full-Size Scooters Shoprider’s Crown 889SL-SE provides feature rich luxury in personal mobility. Experience the outdoors in unprecedented style, comfort and performance. The crown series are the most popular scooters in the shoprider canada portfolio.

  • Top Speed: 9.5 mph / 15.3 kms
  • Drive Range: 25 miles / 40 kms
  • Carrying Weight: 350 lbs