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Most Recommended Outdoor Mobility Scooters

Most Recommended Outdoor Mobility Scooter

Our most recommended outdoor mobility scooters come with bigger tires, provide extended travel ranges and offer suspension in most cases. They’re typically bigger in weight, size and weight capacity unlike indoor mobility scooters which are small and able to navigate freely throughout a home with narrow hallways or tight corners around bedroom furniture. All outdoor mobility scooters we sell are available with free shipping and no sales tax. These mobility scooters are among the market’s most durable mobility scooters and come with an excellent manufacturer warranty. Outdoor mobility scooters are the best for traveling when you have a vehicle with ample storage space like an SUV or truck. Some of the outdoor models offer an easy disassembly feature making it easy to take apart. We recommend that you check the product page details to see what the weight of the heaviest piece is when disassembled.

Outdoor Mobility Scooter Terrains That Won’t Damage Your Scooter

Just because it’s called an outdoor mobility scooter doesn’t mean you can take it to the beach on sand. Terrains that you could consider safe for these types of mobility scooters are asphalt, sidewalks, pavement, and another type of solid floor that is similar. We do not advise going on grass unless you are 100% sure that it is safe. Again, we strongly advise you to call and discuss the types of terrains you’re intending on riding on with our sales team.

Mobility Scooters Made For The Out Doors

We have partnered with the most well-known and trusted manufacturing companies in the mobility industry such as Pride Mobility, Drive Medical, Invacare Canada and much more. Whether you need a mobility scooter that can go off-road on grass or other similar terrains, we have the options. Our knowledgeable customer service agents can guide you through our online catalog with lots of models with a variety of features to choose from.

Check out some of our Outdoor Mobility Scooters Below

Victory 10.2

Pursuit XL

Victory LX (CTS Suspension)

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    I am a female person,that has hard walking need a scooter badly, Need something i can get around and need payment plan please.

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