A mobility scooter can have a huge impact on your quality of life. The freedom to go anywhere at anytime is a real boost to your independence, whether you’re shopping, visiting friends and family, or off on holiday. From portable travel scooters to long range road legal heavy duty scooters, we have only the very best mobility scooters for sale from the biggest scooter brand names.

We only carry items from manufacturers who are well-trusted by the public and the medical community, because we understand that you need a reliable and well-crafted item to help you become more mobile. All units are certified brand new and backed by a manufacturer’s warranty.

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One of the bigger decisions in choosing a mobility scooter, and a matter that is subject to frequent debate, is whether to choose a model with 3 wheels or 4 wheels. Often times, people will develop strong feelings on the matter, sometimes out of experience, and other times out of necessity.

Scooters with three wheels have a smaller footprint and are easier to man-oeuvre, but they may be less stable. Four wheel mobility scooters are configured much like automobiles with two drive wheels in the back and two wheels for steering in the front. This makes them much more stable and suitable for handling a variety of terrain including curbs and short stretches of grass or gravel.

If the scooter is for indoor use, you may want to choose a three-wheel scooter that maneuvers around corners better. If you prefer a four-wheel scooter, select one with smaller wheels and a tighter turning radius. Measure doorways to ensure the scooter will fit through.

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Ideal use:
Good outdoor driver - Faster, stronger and longer

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Ideal use:
Good outdoor driver

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Ideal use:
Great city driver – Everything you want in an outdoor scooter

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With the Raptor 3 Wheel, traveling has never been easier! This 3-wheel scooter has everything you need for a safe and convenient trip.  

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Ideal use:
Great city driver – Very easy to transport

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Ideal use:

Indoor driving

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Ideal use:
Indoor & moderate outdoor driving – Can be transported in vehicles (heaviest piece 53 lbs)

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Ideal use:
Indoor & moderate outdoor driving – Can be transported in vehicles (heaviest piece 57 lbs)


Ideal use:
Great city driver


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Conversion Kit Available for the Buzzaround EX & LX only

Available as a two-piece add on kit or able to be delivered pre-installed. Front Bumper and Side Rails Protect the scooter completely from impacts. Large Rear Bumper Offers added protection from mishaps. The caster wheels offer ease of storage by allowing the scooter to be rolled into place while standing vertically. Offers vertical storage with a compact footprint of 22 inches wide by 23 inches deep.

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14 agmIdeal use:
Indoor driving & light outdoor driving – easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 29 lbs)


Ideal use:
Good outdoor & indoor driver


Ideal use:
Great outdoor driver – Perfect blend of style and four-wheel stability performance.

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Ideal use:
Great indoor driver – Super-lightweight and easily taken apart for loading into a car


Ideal use:
Mainly indoor driving – Very easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 29 lbs)