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Midsize Scooters

These quality machines have a little bit of everything, is designed for the widest range of activities and capable of delivering a quality drive every day. They have many advantages, being a sort of jack of all trades, which makes them perfect for people who plan on taking their scooter through a variety of environments.

$1795.00 (CAD)

The Eclipse Mallmaster series of compact scooters offer sleek designs and detachable batteries for ultimate lightweight portability. This class of scooters are ideal for individuals going shorter distances and needing to transport their unit to get from place to place.

  • Eclipse Mallmaster Sprint 3-wheel scooter
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 22AH detachable battery pack with 1.8A charger
  • Flat free tires
  • Deluxe swivel seat with sliders

$3395.00 (CAD)

The Eclipse Trailmaster series offer modern design, style, performance & features such as an LCD digital dashboard.  This mid-size line of products are for individuals looking to access their local community for shopping, appointments and visiting with family and friends.

  • Eclipse Trailmaster Yeti 4-wheel scooter
  • Digital LCD dashboard
  • Full light package
  • Rear mono shock suspension
  • 50AH batteries with 5A charger
  • Includes 2 mirrors