$5,530.00 $4,129.00

Engineered for powerful performance and exceptional style

An exciting blend of power and precision that features a 24-volt DC motor, full suspension, 13” low-profile tires and a hydraulic-sealed brake system.


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Pursuit® (4-Wheel)

$4,795.00 $3,789.00

Outstanding outdoor performance with luxurious features.

The big, heavy-duty Pursuit PMV from Pride is a great off-roader, with 13" wheels to handle rugged terrain. It has an 11.6 KM/H top speed, standard full lighting package with directional signals and non-marking low profile tires.


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King Cobra (4-Wheel)

$8,966.65 $6,099.00

Heavy-Duty scooter with top-of-the-line features

This full-size scooter boasts an extensive list of premium standard features like dual rear-view mirrors, an on-board USB port to charge your mobile devices while you're on-the-go, extra bright LED lighting, a luxurious, highly-adjustable 22 inch wide captain's seat, a top-of-the-line control panel, and so much more.

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$9,305.05 $5,889.00

**Unfortunately The Maverick Has Been Discontinued 

Go the distance (up to 56 kms!) with this powerful, yet sleek mobility scooter

The Maverick 3-Wheel  is a force to be reckoned with. It features a sleek and powerful design; perfect for this feature-rich scooter. The Maverick has a weight capacity of 400 pounds and a top speed of 15 km/h, allowing you to go the distance


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Cobra GT4 (4-Wheel)

$6,763.55 $5,499.00

 Packed with all the features you could wish for in a heavy duty outdoor scooter, wrapped up in a sleek modern design

The luxurious high back captain’s seat comes standard in a 20 inch width, and can be upgraded to 22" wide. The headrest is height adjustable, and the backrest is able to be reclined, swiveled and adjusted forward or backwards with automotive-style slides.


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Raptor (3-Wheel)

$4,695.00 $3,739.00

Don’t just drive, fly!

The 14 MPH makes the Raptor Pride's fastest scooter. User weights under 220 pounds and cruising at low speeds will get you a charge range of 31 miles.

$5,795.00 $4,395.00

The Ultra Pro is an extra-large 4-wheel scooter specifically designed for heavier users up to 485lbs

The ultra model is equipped with heavy duty suspension system, 13 " pneumatic tires, and 26" w, reclining and swiveling seat.