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    SAVE 36%

    The all-new Medicare-reimbursable Jazzy® EVO 613 series is here! The Jazzy® EVO 613 series provides the freedom to navigate small spaces and tight corners indoors with a narrow base width of only 22”. The Jazzy® EVO 613Li uses a lithium-ion battery that provides longer life and more convenient charging.

    SAVE 37%

    SAVE 37%

    33 gel

    SAVE 34%

    TAKE 10% OFF when you order with a Compatible scooter
    It only works on Heavy Duty Scooters from Invacare, Pride, Shoprider, Sunrise Medical
    • Compatible: Heavy Duty Scooters from Invacare, Pride, Shoprider, Sunrise Medical

    * Free Shipping for purchases over $200

    SAVE 23%

    This is specifically designed for electric vehicles such as wheelchairs, scooters and more

    CAPACITY: 75Ah
    VOLT: 12V
    HEIGHT: 9.13″ (23.2 cm)
    LENGTH: 10.31″ (26.2 cm)
    WIDTH: 6.61 ” (16.8 cm)
    WEIGHT: 50.71 lbs. (23 kg)

    SAVE 30%

    The Matrix NP20-12 12V 20Ah replacement battery is a high quality rechargeable sealed lead acid battery that is designed to provide excellent performance, durability and long life.

    CAPACITY: 20 Ah
    VOLT: 12V
    LENGTH: 7.13″ (18.1cm)
    WIDTH: 2.99″ (7.6cm)
    HEIGHT: 6.57″ (16.7cm)
    WEIGHT: 12.46 lbs. (5.65 kg)

    SAVE 18%

    Ideal use:
    Superior outdoor ride – All you desire in a terrain scooter
    *Range and product weight vary based on battery type.

    SAVE 13%

    Ideal use:
    Our full-size category provides feature rich luxury in personal mobility. Experience the outdoors in unprecedented style, comfort and performance. This line is for those individuals who want to travel a little further, in style. The full-size series are the most popular scooters in our portfolio.

    SAVE 34%

    Ideal use:
    Good city driver – Able to be disassembled & transported in vehicles (heaviest piece 54 lbs)

    SAVE 29%

    Proudly produced in Quebec, the MOVO removable canopy protects you from the sun, rain, cold and wind, while maintaining optimal ventilation in the living area. View Compatible Scooters

    SAVE 14%

    Ideal use:
    Mainly indoor driving - Very easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 39 lbs)

    SAVE 30%

    14 agmIdeal use:
    Indoor driving & light outdoor driving – easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 29 lbs)

    SAVE 23%

    Good city driver – Can be disassembled & transported in vehicles (heaviest piece 57lbs)  

    SAVE 14%

    Shoprider’s Aristocrat Navigator P424M is all about freedom. Freedom to move where you want when you want.

    SAVE 30%

    Ideal use:
    Great city driver – Very easy to transport