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Spitfire Flash Codes

Spitfire Scout Mobility Scooter Error Codes | FLASH CODES

Flash Code Possible Cause Solution
1 The battery needs charging or there is a bad connection to the battery Check the connections to the battery. If the connections are good, try charging the battery.
2 There is a bad connection to the motor. Check all connection between the motor and the controller.
3 The motor has a short circuit to a battery connection. Test the motor.
4 Not Used
5 Not Used
6 The controller is being inhibited from driving. Check the battery charger connector. Disconnect the battery charger.
7 A throttle control fault. Make sure the throttle control is in the at rest position before switching on the Spitfire. Adjust if needed.
8 A controller fault is indicated. Make sure all connections are secure.
9 The electromagnetic brake has a bad connection. Check the electromagnetic brake and motor connections. Make sure the controller connections are secure.
10 Excess voltage has been applied to the controller. Check the battery connections. This is usually caused by a poor battery connection.

Consumers can contact Drive Medical’s Technical Department at: (866) 694-5085 

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