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Which Scooter Is The Best For Airline Travel?

When you are travelling and going through the airport, you want your journey to go as smoothly and easily as possible. If you are someone who loves to travel but also has difficulties standing or walking for extended periods of time, a travelling scooter may be the best option for you. There are so many options online which makes finding the perfect travelling scooter almost impossible, and this is why we have done the research for you!. The ideal scooter will allow you to travel from the airport entrance right to the airplane, without any issues.

The Best Scooter That You Can Take On Airplanes

The EasyFold Scooter is perfect and very convenient for travel, for a number of reasons. First, the EasyFold Scooter is equipped with an airline approved lithium-ion battery which means you can travel through the airport to the door of your plane without checking the scooter as luggage. Simply let the airline representative assist with storing the scooter in a safe place or the medical transportation storage area in the cabin. Second, the scooter can be folded manually or automatically with a click of a button into a compact size. There are many benefits to having the scooter folded while in the airport, you can elevate the tiller to pull the scooter like a suitcase and the compact size allows it to fit inside small areas in the airplane. Lastly, the EasyFold Scooter is lightweight, weighing around only 60lbs which makes it easy to manage while lifting it up. Once you’ve landed at your destination, you simply need to disembark from the plane, unfold the EasyFold Scooter and off you go! You can read about Mr Taylor’s journey with the EasyFold Scooter’s sister, the EasyFold Pro Wheelchair here: https://easyfold.ca/easyfold-on-a-15000-mile-odyssey/.

The Runner Ups

While the EasyFold Scooter is definitely the best for travel, there are a couple of runner ups that are definitely worth mentioning! The runner ups for best scooters for airline travel are the ZooMe Models and the Go Go Folding Scooter, both with lithium-ion batteries. The ZooMe models consist of the ZooMe Auto Flex and the ZooMe Flex. The major difference between the two being that the ZooMe AutoFlex can be folded with a remote and the ZooMe Flex must be folded manually.  When looking at the Go Go Folding Scooter, it does come with two variations, in regards to the batteries. Be sure to focus on the Go Go with the lithium-ion batteries and disregard the sealed acid lead battery option as the lithium-ion battery is airline approved. All three scooters fold up into a compact size for easy storage, have the ability to be pulled like a luggage when folded, and come equipped with the airline-approved lithium-ion batteries.

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