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Why Spring is the Perfect Season For Mobility Scooters

Find the perfect mobility scooter that matches your lifestyle this spring season!

This might seem a little early in the year to be thinking about getting out and about again, but life begins to speed up as the calendar turns to Spring. Spring really is the perfect time of year to get out on a mobility scooter. Winter is often too cold and wet, and summer can be quite hot, but spring is always sunny, often dry, and comfortable temperatures for going out. Friends begin to schedule more activities, and there are more family events. People want to make the most of the longer days as the weather improves. This year, we have some fantastic mobility scooters that are ideal for shopping, sightseeing, and exploring nature, so if you’re looking for a new spring mobility scooter for 2021, keep reading!

Here are some of the reasons that you will want to make sure that you have the perfect mobility scooter for this spring season.

Weather Conditions Are Perfect

One of the best reasons to own a mobility scooter is that the weather improves dramatically during the Springtime. You’ll want to get out and enjoy the hot weather and sunshine as the winter starts to melt out. You would be able to go out with friends and family if you have a functional mobility scooter. If you’re going out on a date or just need to run an errand, being mobile will only help you.

Everyday Activities

One aspect of the weather shifting that is sometimes ignored is that you find yourself doing more errands. You can find yourself making several trips rather than waiting. If this describes you perfectly, then having the ability to visit different stores and retailers is important to you. As a result, you’ll want to invest in the latest mobility scooter. When you can quickly navigate the aisles, visiting shops is better than ever. You can also go to the mall without feeling exhausted or requiring a family member to push you in a wheelchair. Mobility will be important no matter what your day looks like or where you intend to go.

Spring Is Kinder To Your Scooter

The last big justification to take advantage of spring is how much safer it is on your scooter. Other months of the year cannot always say this. Winter and fall, for example, are always dirty, resulting in grime or leaves caked on the tires. Summer is typically easier, but it can also be very dry, leaving your scooter very dusty as you ride it. Spring doesn’t have any of these issues, so you’ll spend less time washing your mobility scooter. It can also keep your mobility scooter in better condition as less mud, grime or dust get into it when being used.

Which Mobility Scooter Is Best For Spring Season?

Before you rush out into the spring sunshine to have fun, it is key to make sure you have the right mobility scooter for your needs. If you plan on heading somewhere in the vehicle first, you need something like a portable size scooter as these fit more easily into a vehicle trunk. If you plan to simply use your mobility scooter for longer road trips into town, a full size scooter is the best option.

By making sure you use the correct type of mobility scooter, you will be able to truly make the most of springtime. One thing is for sure – whether you meet friends for a drink in town, head to a local spring fair or get out into the neighborhood, you will have a real blast.

Featured Spring SCooters

$1195.00$1350.00 (CAD)

You save up to 25% or $449.00

Ideal use:
Mainly indoor driving – Very easy to transport in vehicles (heaviest piece 34 lbs)
*Upgrade to 18AH Batteries Extra $200

$2350.00 (CAD)

You save up to 24.2% or $749.00

Ideal use:
Great city driver - It can be disassembled

$2895.00$3095.00 (CAD)

You save up to 48.6% or $2735.00

Ideal use:
Good outdoor driver

$3695.00 (CAD)

You save up to 21.3% or $1000.00

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Ideal use:
Good outdoor & recreational driver

MSRP: $5299.00

$3599.00 (CAD)

You save up to 6.5% or $251.00

Ideal use:
Good outdoor driver

$3995.00 (CAD)

You Save up to 23.2% or $1204.00

Ideal use:
Pride’s ZT10 is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage

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